Kansas Young

As I transition the Facebook page and website to a podcast, the numnber of interviews have been few. Also, this is a passion project, so I can only dedicate a limited number of hours to it. I do love it and I hope to turn it into a book some day.

Hardcore Science

The Hardcore Science podcast is one of my latest projects. I've always been fascinated by cosmology, astrophysics and the like, so this podcast is my excuse to learn more about those subjects.

Illustrating a Children's Book

This is a short but useful course on how to illustrate a children's book. A few years ago I wrote and illustrated a children's book for my son, Oliver. He has food allergies and I wanted to make a book about a penguin who also has severe food allergies and goes on a journey to find sonething safe to eat. Get the actual book here

I'll add more side projects and other things that I find interesting on this page, so please check it periodically if that's your thing.

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